Tracking how our karma manifests

The popular view is that the placement of our planets in our natal chart “causes” our behaviour.  I have long believed that it’s the other way around: our actions from past lives create the placement of our planets.  In other words, our natal chart in this lifetime reveals our “karmic package” brought from the past.

John Heisler, a physician with a practice in Schubenacadie, Nova Scotia, expressed this view in an article called “A Comparison of Western and Vedic Astrology, ” in a newsletter called Banner, Vol VII, No. 2, April 1994.

The position of the stars and planets do not cause illness in our body or changes in our state of mind, rather they reflect our own karmic patterning, whether it is group or individual karma.

Challenge! Are you an astrologer? After reviewing the charts below, create a natal chart of the person living today who is the incarnation of these three historical figures. What kind of life would that person be living now? What would be the sex of that person? How would their karma manifest in the present incarnation’s life in terms of career, money, children, relationships etc.?

Below the natal charts, there is a table that lists the planets and houses of each figure for purposes of comparison. When certain causes and conditions come together or meet, simultaneously, our karmic seeds from previous lifetimes ripen. Another way to put this is that Cleopatra “ripened” into St. Teresa of Avila “ripened” into Sigmund Freud. Students of astrology might find it interesting to see a comparison of the natal charts of Cleopatra, St. Teresa of Avila, and  Sigmund Freud (who we are using as three of our demos on this weblog) to track what karma they were carrying from lifetime-to-lifetime, and how this karma manifested.

Cleopatra’s chart below is by Noel Tyl.


The source for St. Teresa’s chart below is Stephen Erlewine.


Sigmund Freud’s chart below is in The Circle Book of Charts.

Sigmund Freud; May 06, 1856; 18h30; Freiberg, Moravia

Sigmund Freud; May 06, 1856; 18h30; Freiberg, Moravia

Planet Cleopatra St. Teresa Sigmund Freud
Sign House Sign House Sign House
Sun Capricorn 3rd Aries 1st Taurus 7th
Moon Cancer 9th Virgo 7th Gemini 8th
Mercury Sagittarius 9th Aries 1st Taurus 7th
Venus Aquarius 4th Pisces 1st Aries 6th
Mars Virgo 11th Gemini 3rd Libra 11th
Jupiter Sagittarius 1st Gemini 3rd Pisces 5th
Saturn Aquarius 3rd Sagittarius 9th Gemini 8th
Uranus Taurus 7th Aries 1st Taurus 7th
Neptune Gemini 8th Aquarius 12th Pisces 4th
Pluto Taurus 7th Taurus 2nd Taurus 6th
Ascendant Scorpio Cusp 1st Pisces Cusp 1st Scorpio Cusp 1st
Midheaven Leo Cusp 10th Sagittarius Cusp 10th Leo Cusp 10th